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Koloro – Presets for Lightroom



💡 Toko kami 𝗕𝗨𝗞𝗔 𝟮𝟰 𝗝𝗔𝗠 Nonstop 💡

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✔️ 1000+ Lightroom Presets and Overlays to enhance your photos & videos.
✔️ Darkroom for batch edit for photo & video, copy & paste settings and more!
✔️ 20+ Useful editing tools to enhance your works, HSL, split tone, Glow and more.
✔️ Recommended by insta Bloggers in Instagram and Facebook.
✔️ 800+ premium filters and presets art lab for free, more presets are coming.
✔️ DNG file to share lightroom preset box in adobe Lightroom Mobile with perfect adjustment.
✔️ Camera tool with advanced lightroom presets app made by pro filmmakers and videomakers.
✔️ LOMO retro and vintage style filter with light leak overlay and VHS dazz cam film presets.
✔️ Included foodies in cities, stylish teal & orange cinematic presets, which is suitable for Analog theme with vintage camera dazz style and the disposable camera effect.
✔️ Created for sharing in Instagram, Unsplash and 500px.
✔️ All of presets can be used into video editing. Best option for video editor and video maker
✔️ Easy to use! Crop video and other methods just like to edit your photo as usual.
✔️ Post your dazz cam footage or wonderful video with stunning presets to social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube etc. Koloro helps you become excellent video maker.
✔️ An easy-to-use personal photo library for photo & video editor, just for you.
✔️ Copy & Paste your photo settings for multiple photos at once.
✔️ Continue to edit your previous photo pushing to ultimate effect.
✔️ Batch save & delete.
✔️ Both photos and videos are available.
✔️ Using prequel overlays to make lovely photos with effects for LR using to mix photos.
✔️ Trendy avatan shadow, window blind or sun blind effects, try the hottest avatan sunblind effects.
✔️ Light leak 3d photo and glitch sparkle effects in vintage 8mm film, rni-style 35mm film3d and instant film.
✔️ Dust and smoke or grain & film Scratch for MV and vintage photo or selfie.
✔️ Grab the beauty in your snap art shot and create your instant story style for Instagram!
✔️ Advanced photo editing tools photo effects to be your best filter editing app. Made adjustments for photos and fill your aesthetic needs.
✔️ Basic adjustment: brightness or shadows and change the exposure and highlights and contrast
✔️ HSL, structure, vibrance, grain are now available, more POR features coming!
✔️ Retouch & Makeup your works with this editing apps easily!

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